THE SACREDNESS OF VOWS October 09 2013, 0 Comments

Believe in YourselfA friend sent me this article today, "Cooking Me Into We" and it was so timely. It's about the marriage vow and the good intentions most begin with. The author writes about the other side, too. When we fail to honor those vows. It was timely because we launched our self-wedding kits yesterday, putting an idea all about making a vow to yourself out into the world. 

My husband and I were married by a Buddhist Jewish Rabbi. We researched our own vows, and chose to say "we do" to four of them, very much influenced by Buddhist philosophy. The process of looking within our selves and at our relationship, establishing these committal vows was in itself a strengthening moment in our relationship-- versus a call and repeat of vows we did not write. We also did something else, we wrote another set of vows and we married our guests to themselves. Among other things, we asked them to honor themselves, to see their special beauty, and to love themselves. It was a beautiful moment when we had a crowd of 120 people saying "I Promise"-- to themselves. Vows are filled with so much good intention. Staying true to ourselves first, is a challenge that is worth paying attention to, as much as staying true to the one we're loving in a relationship.