About Us

“Everyone knows that peace has to begin with oneself, but not many people know how to do it.” ~ Thich Nhat Hanh

Husband and wife team, jewelry designer Jeffrey Levin and strategist Bonnie Powers created the I Married Me Self-Wedding In-A-Box kit as a genuinely inspirational practice that reminds you, every day of the simplest things you can do to have a happier, more content life.

The idea was born out of a desire to bring happiness and healing into our community. At that time, many were going through some tough emotional times. We had a self-wedding ceremony to celebrate the joy that multiplies with each moment of emotional positivity. Everyone got lifted a little higher.

Since that time, we have conducted many self-weddings, the largest for 120 guests at our own wedding–they keep telling us how powerful an experience it was and that they haven't taken their rings off since. After a few other celebrations where we married more people to themselves, we asked the question: How can we bring this special practice to more people and in more communities, in more places around the world?

We created the Self-Wedding In-A-Box so anyone can marry themselves.


Say "I Do" to you.

Contact us at love@imarriedme.com or 415-569-4383