In the Media

We shared our story. The media helped spread the word to the masses. A new idea to many. Most understood the heart and soul of the concept. Others, had some fun with it. New ideas open us up to possibility. They may even shift our mindset. At the end of the day, we hope more people will take a moment each day to honor themselves. To see all that is lovable. Each moment of positivity is a change. Those changes add up. They can even reshape us. Love yourself. Spread happiness!

"There's a notion about these micromoments of positivity and that those add up. You need reminders sometimes that you can have positive moments in your life." - CNN

"Self-marriage is a small but growing movement, with consultants and self-wedding planners popping up across the world."  - GOOD HOUSEKEEPING

"To honor myself is to understand and acknowledge that I am worthy." - MARIA SHRIVER 

"Sounds like the perfect holiday gift" - TIME 

"When life throws you stuff that isn't easy to deal with, you can [look at the ring and] remember, "I'm solid, I'm good, I'm worthy." - MAIL ONLINE 

"Levin and Powers are using their products as a way to fund their message, which ultimately, will hopefully encourage people to have stronger relationships — not just with themselves, but with others as well." - COSMOPOLITAN

"'I Do' to Myself - GLO from MSN

"motivating people to improve their relationship with themselves, and in turn, with others" - STYLECASTER

"Having conducted a number of self-weddings, this husband and wife team are out to grow this idea in as many ways as possible. They see the self-wedding idea as a movement that spreads happiness." - GLAD.IS