Your Stories


"For my birthday each year i invite a group of my girlfriends and choose a nice spot for dinner. It is a special treat when i can gather those closest to me for quality together time. This year, I added a twist. I performed a self-wedding ceremony and we all married ourselves! We are all busy women, juggling families, jobs, complicated life circumstances, and the first thing to go when life gets hectic is self-care. We each put our ring on our giving hand, recited the vows promising to love and honor ourselves, then moved the rings to our receiving hand. Not only did my friends love the actual rings themselves (Jeffrey Levin classic beauties) but everyone agreed that a visual reminder to practice self-care and self-love was a daily necessity." ~ A. (Texas) 

"Just ordered my I Married Me Self-Wedding In-a-Box kit. Best New Year's self-(and-others)-gift ever!!  Seems like it should be a no-brainer, but it's dangerously easy to forget that if ya don't give to yourself, you start the not-so-gradual slide from an abundance to scarcity mindset and you can try to hide it all ya want, but all such efforts are, without exception, doomed. Your loved ones may not know the cause of said less-than-fully-stoked vibe, but they'll definitely pick up on the rumbles of non-specific resentment: hardly a winning recipe for full-on celebration of this wild and crazy gift called life." ~ M. (North Carolina)

"I wore my I Married Me heart t-shirt today (of course with a long sleeve t-shirt under it as it was 27 degrees). When I got home my kit had arrived! I got a glass of red, peaceful music and had my ceremony in private. I was moved to tears as I made the promises to myself. Thank you for sharing the love. This idea is truly a gift. You giving people the opportunity to remember to forgive, honor, and love themselves is a gift in which I cannot thank you enough!" ~ R. (Pennsylvania)

"Having married myself, it's a really great constant reminder of my commitment to myself, especially when you go through these peaks and valleys of life. I like the analogy of taking yourself on a date, each day you do one nice thing for yourself. This is a reminder of doing that each day." ~ N. (California)

"It's official. I'm married. To me! Awesome! ~ P. (California)

"There is a difference between humility and self-deprecation. A difference between arrogance and self-love. I am of the belief that if you love yourself first, great love will follow! That’s why I’m supporting I Married Me - Self Wedding in a Box. It’s a beautiful symbol of self forgiveness, self adoration and self love. In fact, they officiated this ceremony for all of the guests at their wedding a few years ago. Nothing arrogant about helping people find themselves right! ~ L. (New York)